Four Ways to Move Your Members From Happy to Ecstatic

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Director of the Financial Services and Insurance Industries
CUESolutions provider Hyland Software

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Use these tactics along with a smart content services strategy and a focus on digital transformation and ecosystem alignment.

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How do you make your credit union members ecstatic when they are already among the happiest consumers out there? After all, 92% of credit union members surveyed in the 2018 FIS Performance Against Customer Expectations study reported either extreme satisfaction or high satisfaction with their credit union. Only 82% of bank customers reported the same. 

If members are so happy, how can you make them happier? It’s possible. Here are four ways to make them truly ecstatic about their credit union experience.

1. Meet Your Members Where They Are 

Experts agree that delivering a great customer experience lies in part by meeting members where they are. But what does that mean? In short, it means ensuring your services and employees are available in the channels where members live and work the most. 

It also has a deeper significance. Meeting your members where they are means taking a proactive approach to delivering innovative products and services. Rather than wait for the member to reach out, technology allows an optimized credit union to become a hub of member information and recommendation. 

2. Remember, Your Employees Are Members Too

When it comes to member experience, your employees will make all the difference. Treat them like members. Ensure they are active and engaged. 

Do your best to eliminate low-value tasks—like moving paper from one person to the next—and quash manual data entry. Consider content services the low-value task killer. Seamlessly integrated with your core platform, the right content services solution optimizes the solutions you already have and allows employees to instantly access the information they need, when they need it. 

3. Make Member Security a Top Priority

Think your credit union is too small to be targeted by a data thief? Think again. No one survives long relying on “security by obscurity.”

Before implementing any solution that will touch your members’ personal information, ensure the vendor considers security at every phase of the solution’s product lifecycle, including development, testing and support. 

4. Understand Where You Fit in the Digital Ecosystem

On the horizon is a growing digital financial services ecosystem connecting consumers with a variety of services. Are you ready to be a part of this ecosystem? You are if your digital optimization efforts include the use of advanced data analytics, machine learning and AI. 

Credit union members are a happy lot, but there are ways to increase satisfaction and strengthen relationships. That includes a smart content services strategy and a focus on digital transformation and ecosystem alignment.

Steve Comer is director of the financial services and insurance industries at CUESolutions provider Hyland Software, Westlake, Ohio. For more than 13 years, Steve has been dedicated to helping the financial services industry transform through using Hyland’s enterprise information platform, leveraging the industry-leading capabilities that OnBase provides in enterprise content management/content services, business process management, intelligent capture and case management capabilities. He is proud to lead one of the most dynamic teams at one of the most dynamic companies serving one of the most dynamic and transformative industries.

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