The Value of Taking a Professional Pause

By George Hofheimer

What one credit union leader did with professional time off, and why you might want to do something similar

Have you ever daydreamed about taking a break from your day-to-day professional life? George Hofheimer, founder of Hofheimer Strategy Advisors, did. And then he did something about it.

Early in 2021, Hofheimer rode his bike from California to Florida, raising money to help Americans get out from under medical debt. This undertaking was worthwhile on many levels. 

Hofheimer says his “big aha” from his professional pause ride was confirmation of his belief that people are kind. “Given the turmoil in our country the past few years, I was buoyed by this kindness,” he says. 

For example, he met strangers on the road and biked with them for thousands of miles. “Politics and division are amplified way too much by all forms of media,” he adds, “and when you actually talk to people, we have a lot more in common than not.”

In this video, Hofheimer recounts his journey and talks about why you might want to take a professional pause, too.

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