Digital Transformation Mountaineering

man looking up at Mt. Everest
By Think|Stack

2 minutes

Facing the 'digital transformation' landscape is a seemingly endless series of cloud-covered peaks with no immediately apparent routes.

Credit unions are inundated with content declaring that they must scale the digital transformation mountain to compete with big banks and fintech. They must consider strategies like mobile first, omnichannel, digital journeys, data mining and analytics—all the while, sorting through a wealth of applications to enhance member experience and solve any problem. 

These, like mountains, can seem mysterious and constantly shifting. 

Choosing how to plan and prioritize your approach is daunting and fraught with potential pitfalls. Often credit unions head off into the mountains, piling on equipment without first taking stock of their options and setting a long-term plan. 

Noone in their right mind wakes up one day, flies to Kathmandu and heads up Mount Everest. 

Conquering such a behemoth takes careful step-by-step planning.

Digital Transformation Mountaineering

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