CUES Membership Minute: I Just Joined, Now What?

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Jimese Harkley, J.D., CUDE, CCE Photo

3 minutes

An important first step for all members is to log in at

Welcome to CUES! Whether you’ve just joined for the first time or renewed your longtime membership, we’re glad to have you. Whether you have chosen our top-tier Unlimited+ group membership or are the only individual CUES member at your credit union, your membership is designed to be easy to access and to help you progress in your career.

Notably, just like you only benefit from new hiking boots if you put them on your feet and start walking forward, to take full advantage of your CUES membership, you’ll need to login at to kickstart your membership. You can do that by clicking the bright orange “login” button in the upper right. (Hint: If you’re not sure what to put into the “login” and “password” boxes, click “Forgot username or password?” on the login screen.)

Now that you’re logged in, follow along with me as I guide you on the path to leveraging your CUES membership to enhance your performance in your current seat, or prepare for the role you desire to have. CUES’ single-sign on feature is now active to open the doors of learning and development without multiple log ins. 

Access My Benefits 

A great first place to go on is the “Access My Benefits” or “Access My Benefits – Canada” menu item located in the drop-down menu under “Membership.” Here, all members can access links to immediately explore all of your benefits in one place. Individual members will find links to CUESNet for networking, CUES Learning Portal, Credit Union Management magazine and so much more! Unlimited group members will also be able to access the CUES Leadership Development Guide, Director Onboarding Toolkit and CUES Elite Access Virtual Classroom courses. Unlimited+ group members will be able to access all of the above plus the CUES surveys (like CUES Executive Compensation Survey), premium content about governance for boards, and the Board Governance Assessment.

The Account Button

When you click on the orange “Account” button in the upper right where you clicked to log in, you’ll be taken to screens that will help you easily update your CUES profile, including things like your title or phone number. You can also reset your password, specify which CUES e-newsletters you’d like to receive, identify your local CUES Council and identify special interest in areas such as innovation and growth. 

CUESNet Button

Don’t fret, there are shortcuts! When you’re logged in and click on the orange “CUESNet” button in the upper right corner of, you’ll be automatically taken to the new CUESNet powered by Higher Logic—no need to sign in again. CUES members who used to use the listserv for virtual networking are finding it easy to join new people to the community on this new platform. As I write this, CUES members are having discussions about incentives for collectors and valuations for vehicles modified for people with disabilities. They’ve also recent shared documents to the CUESNet libraries about managing an employee with a substance abuse problem and evaluating board portals.

CUES Learning Portal Button

When you click the “CUES Learning Portal” after logging in on, you’ll get direct access to professional development content in a “Facebook” way—one that’s very social. On the new portal, you can receive certificates for Pathways you complete, get points for consuming content, add and share content, assign content to others, join the Pathway of the Quarter (which combines learning via content on CUES Learning Portal with peer discussion on CUES Net), connect with industry peers with the same content interests you have, and get reports on your progress and that of your team.

For even more information about how to get fully utilize your CUES membership, watch the video in CUES Learning Portal. From, choose “Individual” from the “Membership” drop-down menu and then click “Play I’m a Member, Now What?”

And please don’t be afraid to ask us for help! Our Member Engagement team is committed to making sure you become a great user of your benefits. We’re here to answer your questions and help you move along in your credit union career. We look forward to seeing how your CUES membership benefits boost your learning and your career!

Jimese Harkley, JD, CUDE, is VP/membership at CUES.

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