CUES Membership Minute: New Year, New Benefit of Joining

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Jimese Harkley, J.D., CUDE, CCE Photo

2 minutes

Recently released CUES guide helps new leaders hired in from other industries speed along the learning curve.

“Welcome to credit unions!”

This is what credit unions might say to a new leader they’ve just hired from banking, insurance, healthcare, hospitality or even auto sales.

But how can credit unions help these new leaders both root themselves in the credit union movement and share valuable insights from their experience elsewhere?

CUES’ newest benefit of membership, “Welcome to Credit Union Leadership: A Guide for Executives Who Are New to the CU Industry,” is designed to help.

The printable PDF starts off with an explanation of the basics of credit unions in both the United States and Canada, including their “people helping people” philosophy, the legal foundations on which they’re built, and the strategic challenges and opportunities they face.

Credit union leaders interviewed for the guide describe their experiences coming in from other industries. All say they love where they have arrived and talk about what helped them adjust to the differences—and to be the most effective in their new roles.

To help leaders new to our industry get familiar with credit union lingo, the guide includes a list of key terms—spelling out credit union regulatory agencies, associations and organizations; key laws that impact credit unions; and such common but industry-specific phrases as “credit union service organization.”

One thing that comes through crystal clear in the guide in that just like leaders promoted from within the credit union world, leaders hired from outside the industry have learning to do. CUES is here to help all credit union leaders and aspiring leaders reach their potential. Check out all our membership options and offerings.

Jimese Harkley, J.D., CUDEis VP/membership at CUES.

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