CUES Membership Minute: Tell Us Your Success Story

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Jimese Harkley, J.D., CUDE, CCE Photo

2 minutes

How has joining CUES aided your professional growth and that of your team?

CUES member Raksha Shirali has helped to take the talent development efforts at USALLIANCE Financial to a new level, supported by the professional development tools available through the credit union’s CUES Unlimited+ membership.

“CUES has become the go-to platform for our team development,” Shirali says in her membership story on the CUES website. “It has really helped our employees to take charge of their own professional development path.

“I coordinated the membership and took a look at the new benefits available,” says Shirali, who is VP/human resources for the $1.8 billion credit union in Rye, New York. “Immediately after that, we generated emails to our entire staff with a high-level overview of the program benefits and explained the options and ways they could take charge of their own professional development with the tools available.” 

First, the emails focused on CUES Learning Portal, so employees would know how to easily keep track of their learning. Then, they showed employees the CUES webinars and Elite Access™ Virtual Classroom courses and CUESNet, the online CUES member community. 

“Our leadership team has really embraced the learning tools, as well,” she adds. “They think it’s good for their team members—and for their own professional development.” 

Stories like this just make my day. I’d love to hear yours. Please email me with your experiences in leveraging CUES membership to elevate your professional development—and to support the talent growth of your team. 

P.S. Be sure to check out our latest benefit of membership, the new “Welcome to Credit Unions” guide for leaders new to the movement. If you’re not yet a member, sign up your whole team today! 

Jimese Harkley, J.D., CUDE, is VP/membership at CUES.


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