CUES Membership Minute: What’s Your Top Reason for Joining?

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Jimese Harkley, J.D., CUDE, CCE Photo

2 minutes

Survey finds members rate several governance offerings at the top.

The survey results are in! The top-rated benefits of CUES membership according to members who had experienced these benefits are our:

  1. Governance+ content
  2. Board assessment
  3. The digital and print editions of our CU Management magazine, and
  4. Compensation surveys.

Both Governance+ and the board assessment are part of Unlimited+ membership

Governance+ is premium, in-depth education CUES members can easily deliver to all board members. It includes pre-designed, multi-step, digital learning pathways and features timely, relevant content—in the form of videos and articles from subject matter experts. 

Using the Board Governance Assessment, CUES members can quickly and concisely gather honest feedback from all board members on such key areas of governance as board structure and composition, fiduciary oversight, and leadership culture. Results from this anonymous, online assessment help your board build an agenda of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for it to prioritize and address.

Keeping up the theme of CUES members valuing governance offerings, survey respondents also gave high ratings to CUES Director Education Center, which provides continually updated, interactive courses for board members. These courses include workbooks, voice-over and closed captioning options, and engaging visual design and infographics.

Also rated near the top of the membership benefits list were the online and print versions of CU Management magazine and our compensation surveys

While both versions of our magazine—consistently top-rated in the industry—are available to members at every level, the compensation surveys are also part of Unlimited+. Both the CUES Executive Compensation Survey and CUES Employee Salary Survey support your efforts to attract and retain well-qualified staff at every level. They allow you to benchmark your organization’s compensation against that of others based on asset size, region and membership size. 

In addition to rating the top benefits of membership, the survey found that the top four reasons members belong to CUES overall are (1) for information to help them to do their jobs (2) to network and build professional relationships, (3) to have access to continuing education and (4) to keep abreast of issues affecting the credit union industry.  

What are your favorite benefits of CUES membership? Why did you join? Is it time for an upgrade to Unlimited+ to get access to the top benefits?

Jimese Harkley, J.D., CUDE, is VP/membership at CUES.


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